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English. Spanish. French. Portuguese. No doubt, these are the heart languages of most people in the Americas. Would it surprise you to learn, though, that there are nearly 1,100 language groups in total across North and South America?

And that more than 600 of them still have less than a full New Testament? After 100 years of translation work, the vast rainforests and towering mountain ranges of Central and South America are still home to numerous unreached people groups. 

Our Bible translation partners there continue to move forward with a single vision: to reduce the number of language groups without the gospel to zero. And we’re coming alongside them to help make this possible in the region—so that God’s creation can know and worship him fully!

Why is JAARS needed?

Hikes through the rainforest are too long and dangerous. Rivers and streams do not come close to reaching many outlying villages and people groups. And where there are navigable rivers, trips by boat can take days and weeks on the water—with no ports, docks, or overnight accommodations along the way.

For decades, we have provided aircraft, pilots, mechanics and training to our translation partners in Central and South America. They, in turn, have operated mission aviation programs to support their language development, Bible translation, and literacy projects where roads are non-existent.

Recently, the cost and complexity of operating a mission aviation program began weighing heavily on our partner in Brazil, and their strategic desire is to focus more narrowly on their primary calling of translation.

So they have asked us to play a bigger role.


What solutions are we currently providing in the Americas?

Where else are we serving?

How You Can Help


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Ask God to send workers who can translate the Bible for unreached people groups in the Americas who do not yet have God’s Word.

What is JAARS doing?

Throughout the world, our role is to enable translation workers to translate—while we go about solving the logistical problems that slow them down and even put their work and lives at risk.

In the Americas our translation partners need transportation solutions that can provide the mobility and safety they need to work effectively. We’re responding with solutions that are both locally appropriate and sustainable. Specifically, we’re now partnering with a national aviation organization that is:

  • Passionate about getting heart language scripture to the marginalized people of Brazil
  • Familiar with the needs of translation workers in the area
  • Well established in the national aviation sector

We provide aircraft, equipment reserves, and trained pilots and mechanics, and partner operationally to help ensure safety and good stewardship of God’s resources.

In the end, our translation partners can now focus entirely on getting God’s Word to the many people groups still waiting—while we make it possible for them to travel and work safely and effectively in some of the most remote conditions on earth.

Who benefits from our work?

Our primary translation partner in the Americas is SIL Brazil. In that country, which is nearly 90 percent as large as the United States, they are working on seven language projects.

Our partner organization benefits, of course, when translation staff have access to mission aviation resources to reach a wide range of otherwise inaccessible communities.

Most important, though, are the individuals, families and communities in Brazil who will encounter the transformative power of the gospel when it is made available in the language(s) they understand best!