Land Transportation

Land Transportation

A 4x4 crosses a bridge built of boards and tree trunks

Getting there takes the right vehicle—and knowing how to use it.

Bible translation can’t happen without traveling to remote areas, whether to live in a village, train people, check a translation, or deliver Bibles. But the trip can be tough: Broken bridges. Sinkholes. Rocks, mud, and overgrowth. The right vehicle and training can help teams reach wherever they need, with far less stress and danger.

How JAARS Fits In

We visit our partners, assess their travel challenges, and help them choose the best vehicles for their situation. We also train people how to safely drive and maintain motorcycles and 4WDs—both overseas and at our headquarters in North Carolina.

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A river boat with a life ring in the bow.
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Bell Long Ranger taking off in Papua New Guinea
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