CORE Mission Operations

The world is changing rapidly. That observation won’t surprise you, of course, but we want you to know that Bible translation and language development work are changing just as fast. And because our mission is to help make those efforts possible, we’re changing, too.

You’re going to hear us talking a lot more about “Solutions” and—to a degree—a bit less about specific “Projects.” Not because individual projects (like aircraft, IT training, media players, and so on) are less important but because they spring up more quickly and sometimes get stalled or cancelled due to increasingly volatile conditions on the ground. So our focus on key solution areas (think: transportation, media production, training) will allow us to respond more quickly and in more sustainable ways when we are needed.

Volunteers and staff gather to engage in worship, prayer, and sharing before beginning their work.

You’ll also see JAARS getting more involved in operations as partners continue to ask for that kind of help. This will require significant investment in our CORE Mission Operations (things like financial and operational processes, training and deployment of staff…), but it will enable our partners to focus more intently on language development and translation.

In all cases, our commitment to them is to focus on locally appropriate and sustainable solutions. And our commitment to you is to provide timely and transparent information about the outcomes of your partnership and the opportunities that remain before us.

We thank you for being a faithful friend of JAARS and for providing the prayer, funding, and advocacy that we need. As the year closes and you consider your year-end giving plans, we invite you to invest in our CORE Mission Operations… and then to pray with us throughout the year for the partners, nations, peoples, and languages throughout the world that these efforts will support.