Praise the Lord!

After two months in customs, the container holding the R66 helicopter was released and has arrived at the hangar in Yaounde, Cameroon! The team is already working to reassemble all the parts that make a helicopter fly! Thank you for praying!

Container with R66 arrives at the hangar in Yaounde
Container with R66 arrives at the hangar in Yaounde
R66 in hangar after being unloaded</body></html>

What's Going On

A media organization that we’ve teamed with for several years now works with local people to create websites in their own language centered on Scripture.  The sites allow people to find, read, listen, and watch God’s Word—all in their own language. And viewers can—and do—share the content with friends.

“It is a high-tech world, and an overwhelming majority of people have access to the Internet via computers, netbooks, or smart phones,” says one of the organization’s leaders. That reality provides unprecedented opportunity for sharing God’s Word.

To date, our partner has rejoiced in seeing more...

A workshop held in March of this year introduced ParaTExt 8, the newest upgrade of a popular Bible translation software.
A workshop held in March of this year introduced Paratext 8, the newest upgrade of a popular Bible translation software.
Finding funds to support IT professionals is a challenge due to the Church’s lack of awareness about Bible translation needs,” said “Adi,” the director of Wycliffe...
Weston came to Mali from the US with the new PBX telephone system. Jacques arrived from France, bringing computer network hardware. With the local IT specialist, Esaie, they worked to improve faltering communications in the regional translation office.
Damien was trained in every step of the process, so he can repair any problems that may arise in the future.
Damien was trained in every step of the process, so he

Join Brenda Musuro, a project funding coordinator with CABTAL, on her tour of the Njyem Bible translation workshop and see Bible translation students at work. Watch and hear from Jerome, president of the translation committee, how Internet for Translation Teams is making a difference in their translation project. 

Thank you for the gifts and prayers that are helping make this possible....

“This is powerful! We need this in our language! Our people need to see this!”
What evoked such a response from the Kamano-Kafe* translation team? It was the DVD produced by a church in Papua New Guinea several years ago depicting the devastation of AIDS. The story focuses on one family in which the parents contract the disease through the husband’s unfaithfulness. The story goes on to show the tragic effects on the wife and children.
After obtaining permission to reproduce the 80-minute film in minority languages, media specialist Lauren Runia utilized new technology to pull...
A Story Told by John Strawser and Fred and Jody Leman

John: We had come to Pekin, Illinois, for a Missions at the Airport event at the municipal airport. I had some details to see to, while Mike [Mower, Missions at the Airport director] went to a local radio station to record an interview that would let people know about the airplane and helicopter rides we were offering. I planned to listen to Mike’s interview while accompanying a fellow ex-pilot on an errand. Becoming concerned when I did not hear the broadcast, I called the radio station I spotted...

With grateful hearts, we give praise to the Lord for the provision of not just one but two 4WD vehicles—one in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and one in Ghana.
A Toyota Hilux 4WD vehicle was delivered in April to the Bible Translation Association (BTA), our partner in PNG. This vehicle will carry Bible translators and language consultants working out of BTA’s Alotau office, providing them more-reliable transportation to isolated villages.
The second vehicle, a Nissan Patrol 4WD, was recently provided to the ...