Brandon Penkoff has been flying a Cessna 206 in Cameroon for the last three years. His work in support of Scripture translation, plus medical evacuations and other flights, is often harrowing. Long distances with limited options for landing, scarce and expensive fuel, dust from the Sahara desert that limits visibility, and occasionally unstable political conditions mean that “we always have to be thinking ahead,” he said.
“We rely heavily on the support of JAARS,” Brandon added. He cited aviation fuel, parts, training, technical expertise, funding for insurance, and management of aircraft registration as part of what he calls “the...
Spring arrives early in North Carolina. And at the JAARS campus, March brings some great opportunities to explore how you can be a part of Scripture translation, while enjoying our lovely weather.
JAARS Day is this Saturday, March 11. Take a ride in a missionary plane or helicopter. Or pile into a 4WD vehicle and enjoy our off-road course. Meet pilots, software developers, boat captains, trainers, translators, and more—people
who’ve served all over the world. To learn more, go to jaars.org/events.
At Check-IT-Out on March 17–18 discover how technology—from satellite systems to smart phone apps—makes Bible translation possible in the...

French-speaking African IT specialists are preparing for a training conference February 13–21 in Burkina Faso, West Africa. Pray for those traveling to participate. Pray that the conference will help advance skill levels.

Around the campfire
All ages are finding a passion for missions through a new adventure program. Set in the JAARS campus “village in the woods,” CrossVenture provides space and time for explorers ages 12 and up to experience simpler living by sleeping in raised open-air cabins, cooking their own food without modern conveniences, and coping with “doing without.” The week-long program invites them to “experience minimalist living conditions, unplug from the grid, and plug into God’s heartbeat,” says Tracy Tooley, director of...
I did not grow up in a missions minded community. I was unaware of the need for Bible translation, let alone the support teams that help make it happen.
Shortly after I got married, my wife and I began talking about missions, but I had no idea what I could do. One fateful evening, I was Googling “IT and missions” and ran across wycliffe.org. I was blown away by all the options for service. I learned that sometimes missionaries just need basic desktop support to print their newsletters, communicate with their partners, and manage day-to-day office functions. Other...
May, 2016: Women of the Paama language group in Vanuatu listen to a MegaVoice player while following the text in their newly dedicated print volume of the New Testament
A young girl in North Tanna, Vanuatu, had often talked to her grandmother about Jesus and asked her to come to church. Her grandmother, who had followed the traditional religion from childhood, refused.
Not long after the North Tanna New Testament was published in book form and on audio recordings, the elderly woman got her own MegaVoice player and, curious about the voices speaking her own language, started listening. One day the young girl came to visit her grandmother. She poked her head inside the hut and said, “Hello, Grandmother.” 
Grandmother was intently listening to the New Testament...
Jonathan Faught is in the final stages of training before going to Papua Indonesia as a PC-6 Porter pilot-mechanic.
Equipping new pilots and mechanics to serve overseas and helping seasoned staff maintain their flying and fixing skills keep our instructors up in the air and down on the hangar floor. 
In 2016, aviation personnel in Waxhaw and from around the world logged hundreds of hours of flight training, attended maintenance courses, and went through specialized training for high altitude conditions and underwater emergencies.
Your generous contributions to the A200 project this year made this possible. We appreciate your support of this ongoing project!
We're nearing completion of the renovations to our repurposed transport boat.
As we near completion of the renovations to our repurposed transport boat, the project has broadened in scope.
Originally JAARS was to handle purchasing a vessel, upfitting it for use in the Pacific and island waterways, delivering it to Papua New Guinea, and providing three years of funds to subsidize operations until it became self-sustaining. Our partner SIL-PNG was to take charge of actual mission support and commercial operations: land-based infrastructure, licensing and regulatory compliance, crew staffing, an ongoing financial sustainability plan, and other long-term responsibilities.
But SIL-PNG has experienced significant funding and staffing constraints and, while confirming...