Supervisor Pilot Course at JAARS

It’s back to the classroom for seven pilot/mechanics serving at JAARS, in Africa, the Pacific, Southeast Asia, and South America with SIL and other aviation partners. For the next three weeks, they’re students in the Supervisor Pilot course (SPC) at the JAARS Center. The first two weeks are an in-depth focus on excellence in leadership, resource management, and other attributes essential when supervising fellow pilots or serving as instructor pilots on the field. The third week is flight time with a JAARS flight instructor.

Besides this important training, SPC brings together pilots from different fields of service to gain advice and encouragement from each other on handling day-to-day operations overseas. Your gift to Aviation Training helps equip pilots and mechanics for ongoing safe and effective ministry around the world. Thank you.

  • Pray for the people living in communities that are accessible because of aviation. Ask God to reveal his love and transforming power to them.
  • Ask God to provide clarity of focus for those presenting at the Supervisor Pilot course.
  • Pray for participants to have a clear understanding of the material for when they implement what they learned after returning overseas.