Problem Solving Skills: Lesson 1

"The Lotus Seed" by Sherry Garland


Ask your child(ren):

  • Think about one “treasured” object you own.  If you could take only one special thing with you to your new home what would it be?

When you’re ready, watch the read-aloud video with your child(ren)

After Viewing

Let’s talk about the lotus seed and why it was so important to the grandmother. Why do you think she treasured the seed?

It reminded her of her homeland and the days when she was a young lady.

Remind them that taking the seed with her made it easier to say good-bye.

The grandmother kept the lotus seed in a special place. Do you have a special place to keep your special things?

No right or wrong answers for this one; encourage your child(ren) to be honest.

Think about your “treasured” thing. Can you share what it was and why you choose it?

No right or wrong answers for this one; encourage your child(ren) to be honest.

The grandmother was very sad when her grandson took the seed and buried it. Let’s talk about why she felt that way. Why was it so special to her?

It reminded her of her life before moving. It also reminded her of the emperor and the dragon throne.


When the lotus bloomed the next spring it provided a special gift. The video told us that the “gift of the lotus seed” was never ending. Why was that true?

The seeds can be saved and planted again. The cycle of life goes on.


Sometimes families are planning to move. If it is unexpected, it is difficult to plan for, as in an evacuation. Why did the grandmother have to move? Do you think it was good for her to move?

There was a war, soldiers and bombs.

Even though it was good for her to move, she had sadness about the life she was leaving behind. 

If appropriate: talk about the times when you planned to move, and times when you did not plan to move.

The grandmother was very sad when she found the seed was gone. What could her grandson have done to help his grandmother?

He could have apologized and said how sorry he was.

Have you ever had a conflict with someone? How did you fix it?

No right or wrong answers for this one; encourage your child(ren) to be honest.

TCK Thoughts

Stages of Transition (ADAPT Model)

Let us explore the stages of transition experienced by the story characters. 

How is transition different for those forced to leave quickly and under difficult circumstances?

What were the signs of culture shock the grandmother experienced?  Have you ever felt this way?

Sometimes you can’t take a treasured item with you because it is too big or too heavy. 

What are other ways to “carry” the memory of these things with you?

Post-Reading Activity

Treasured Item


  • Paper
  • Crayons or markers


  • Draw your treasured item

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