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Keep it REAL: Look Ahead

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The Importance of "Look Ahead"

It’s good to prepare for what is next. One idea to help prepare for moving is to learn about your new home, but that is harder to do if your expectations are different from reality. In a different country, you can find out about the people, climate, what type of house they’ll live in, school, food, language, friends, greeting people, etc. Let’s look ahead to where the child is going: What do you know about the country you’re going to?

Connect this last REAL step to the story “Ira Says Goodbye.”  Are Reggie’s expectations about moving to Greendale realistic?  What thoughts would be more realistic about moving to Greenfield?

It’s also important to look ahead when returning to the passport country. How has it changed in the last few years? Where will you live? Any new buildings, music, fashions, ways of doing things, etc.? Will the friends they had before still be around?

Help your child fill out the following worksheet: ICC for Children REAL Look Ahead Worksheet. There are two versions of this worksheet; one for children moving to a new country, and another for returning back to the passport country.

The aim is to help your child practice looking ahead and preparing for what is next.


Post-Video Activity

Look Ahead Glasses



In the glass part of the glasses, have your children draw what they think they will experience in their new location. Allow them time to share.

Have your children decorate the frames of the glasses, then help them to cut them out and glue them together.

TCK Thoughts

REAL Recap

Review acrostic for REAL:  Write REAL longwise in bold letters on the paper.

  • Repair– make peace with others, ask for forgiveness if needed.   Sometimes we act like Reggie and think it is easier to be mad at people and wish they would leave; but remember you need to leave well or it will be like carrying a backpack of things with you.
  • Explain – tell people why you are moving and then tell people what they mean to you and thank them. 
  • Adios   – say goodbye to people, places, pets, and possessions.
  • Look Ahead – look forward to the new things you will gain.

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