Problem Solving Skills: Lesson 2

"Ira Says Goodbye" by Bernard Waber


Ask your child(ren):

Think about your feelings about moving.  All of us have very special people in our lives. When we move or will move we will need to say good-bye to some of those special people. 

  • Who did you have to say or will have to say good-bye to?
  • What did the special people do to say good-bye to you? 
  • How do you think those staying behind felt or will feel?
  • Is there anything you are happy to leave behind?

Share about leaving and how you will say goodbye.

When you’re ready, watch the read-aloud video with your child(ren).

After Viewing

What were Ira’s emotions and feelings when he learned that Reggie was moving?

Ira was very sad and sorry that Reggie was moving.

How did Reggie feel when he first learned he was moving?

Reggie just like Ira was very sad when he first found out he was moving.

Later in the story Reggie’s behavior changes. What was different about Reggie’s behavior? Why do you think Reggie behaved the way he did?

Reggie got all excited about moving to Greendale and was telling how wonderful it would be.

Sometimes people create conflict like Reggie did when he was moving. People sometimes think it will be easier to leave if they are angry.  However this creates even greater hurt and pain for everyone. Remember to use REAL when you get ready to move.

Let’s talk about some of the other ways Reggie could have acted. What could have Ira done differently?

Prompt children to use what they have learned in REAL to give examples of how they could have done a better job of saying good-bye and brainstorm on some ideas to help Reggie and Ira celebrate their special friendship.

Post-Reading Activity

Friendship Pen


  • BallPoint Pens
  • Tacky Glue
  • Beads
  • Multicolored yarn


Using as little glue as possible, place a very thin bead of glue from near the tip of the pen and up about one inch. Starting near the tip, wrap the yarn tightly around the pen without leaving any gaps while adding glue as needed. When you reach the end, trim and secure the yarn with a dab of glue.  

Cut three more pieces of yarn of equal length (12 to 18 inches).  Knot these pieces together near one end.  Braid them together and end with another knot. Glue the braid on the end of the pen.  Add additional braids if desired.  You can also add beads. 

Send to a friend to let him or her know you are thinking about him or her.

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