Jaars Center

As a precautionary measure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have cancelled this year’s Brigade Air Camp. However, we are already planning ahead for 2021! We will update this page as more details are available.

Brigade Air Camp

Experience missionary aviation over your summer break!

JAARS partners with Brigade Air to offer a Christian youth mentoring curriculum and mission aviation camp program with the goal of encouraging young people to seriously consider God’s calling on their lives to serve in missionary aviation. Learn more below, or browse our FAQs.

“Brigade Air solidified and changed the direction I was taking. Before that I wasn’t really sure if mission aviation was what I wanted to do.”

– Annie Kate, pilot

Reiffer, Natalie with Capt. Latshaw


  • Teachings to challenge and motivate you to serve God with all your heart
  • Inspiring testimonies from missionary guest speakers
  • Practical connecting points for serving God’s call


  • Behind-the-scenes experience at the JAARS aviation training center
  • 2 hours of flight time behind the control with a certified pilot
  • 2 hours of observation from the back seat
  • Experienced pilots sharing their knowledge in flight as well as on the ground
  • Time on our flight simulator
  • Learn the basics of aerodynamics, aircraft systems, and more
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  • Plan and follow your own short cross-country flight
  • Workshops with hands-on experience in avionics (aviation electronics), sheet metal and riveting, magnetos, and aircraft maintenance
More than flight: