Jaars Center


(Six Nights)

On the edge about what part you play in God’s plan for the nations? At our six-night program, you can discover missions through experiential activities about culture and language that you can apply cross culturally or in your own community. Participants practice teamwork as they learn the basics of Bible story crafting, experience other cultures, ride over rutted paths in a 4WD, practice water safety skills, overcome obstacles to missions, and travel the path of prayer, all in our rustic outdoor setting.
Small groups can now plug into our pre-dated event, June 9–16, 2019.
The program remains the same. Now you can build community with other mission-minded people without having to guarantee a minimum group size. To register for the June date now, or to request your own dates, go to our registration page.

Edge is designed for ages 12 and over.
Group size: 12–30
$300/group registration, plus $199/person

Explore (two nights)
Encounter (two to four hours)