Jaars Center


Plant seeds of missions in a natural environment.

Stepping outside your comfort zone to discover something that’s bigger than you and more important than now is what CrossVenture is all about. Whether your group spends two hours, two nights, or a week with us without the distractions of technology, you can sense God’s heartbeat for the nations in the beauty of God’s creation.

“I realized that God really speaks to me better when I’m not distracted by technology.”

– CrossVenture Edge participant

Our Mission

CrossVenture connects and involves people of all ages, through experiential initiatives, in the ministry of JAARS as it supports Bible translation.

Our Vision

CrossVenture aims to see God’s people engaged collectively and individually in the transformative work of language development and Bible translation.

Our Staff

Tracy Tooley

Tracy Tooley

Tracy previously served with Wycliffe as a language assessment specialist​ ​in Tanzania. She returned to the USA to fulfill God’s call on her life in youth ministry. After 10 years serving in a local church, she returned to Wycliffe to continue serving within that youth ministry call, first as program coordinator for Jungle Jump Off-IL, then as Director of Next Generation Ministries from Wycliffe’s Orlando headquarters​.​

​In 2015, JAARS invited Tracy to help develop​ ​and implement​ the new CrossVenture program as well as other multi-generational programming and resources. Her goal is to encourage, equip, and engage people of all ages in reaching the last languages through the work of Bible translation. Tracy’s dream is to see a new generation rise up to be torch bearers for the needs of the Bibleless and unreached. ​

Our Programs

CrossVenture launched in 2015 so people can learn about and make a connection to God’s heartbeat for the nations.

Using facilities on the JAARS campus that were built in the early 1980s, participants live in a simulated remote village setting and unplug from the grid. No microwaves for cooking your meals; no Internet to surf; no electricity to light the night. Participants cook on mud stoves and open fires, sleep on a wooden floor in a primitive hut or in a hammock strung from the rafters, finish their evenings by lamplight, and participate in hands-on activities that demonstrate the need and process of transforming lives through Bible translation.

CrossVenture offers programs of various lengths to engage a wide range of ages in the ministry of Bible translation and showcase the role that JAARS plays in making Bible translation and language development possible, especially in the most remote and difficult places on earth.