Pilot Mechanic—Fixed Wing (US Only)

Pilot Fixed Wing USHow would you like to help give God’s Word to Bibleless people globally? We need a pilot who will share the vision for Bible translation with passengers on flights and visitors at Missions at the Airport events.

JAARS makes Bible translation possible in the most remote areas of the world through transportation, technology, training, and media. Upon approval of your technical evaluation and designated training, you will become part of the team that motivates and inspires people to become involved with us.

Some days the hours are long, but the joy of seeing people become excited and involved, makes it all worthwhile. Join us in this godly quest!

Brief Description

We are looking for a pilot to operate and maintain an airplane in order to support the aviation needs of the JAARS Missions at the Airport program.

This is a church/community relations outreach designed to introduce people to JAARS, engage them, and challenge them to a greater level of involvement with JAARS in supporting Bible translation worldwide.

  • For a full-time volunteer or a staff person who raises support

Operate and maintain a JAARS airplane in support of JAARS Missions at the Airport (MATA) program. This includes flights to and from remote (within U. S.) MATA program locations and giving rides to passengers

  • Inspect aircraft for safe, efficient flying in the MATA program based on flight priorities, loads, weather conditions, and fuel requirements
  • Secure passengers and cargo according to safety regulations
  • Maintain personal logbook, Flight Record, Maintenance Record, and other records on a daily basis
  • Operate aircraft in accordance with JAARS procedures and FAA regulations
  • May perform maintenance and repair on aircraft, as outlined for an Aviation Mechanic
  • Provide systematic feedback to administration in order to maintain acceptable safety standards in all aspects of the flight program
  • Ability to be away from home up to 30+ weekends a year, and sometimes for several weeks at a time
  • Assist in setting up and securing displays at MATA events
  • Serve as MATA ground support (gatekeepers, aircraft loaders, etc.) as assigned
  • Fulfill public speaking obligations as assigned
  • Develop and maintain relationships with local MATA sponsors and event attendees
  • Demonstrate a deep and growing walk with the Lord Jesus that includes your personal growth and the ability to support others in their spiritual growth
  • Embrace the vision, mission, and core values of JAARS, and help us live them effectively
Experience Required
  • Commercial pilot license with instrument rating
  • Valid Class II FAA Medical or equivalent
  • A&P license or equivalent
  • 500 hours minimum flight time
  • Tailwheel aircraft endorsement.
  • Experience in high performance aircraft
  • Complete all areas of the JAARS Technical Evaluation and Pre-Field Flight Orientation as deemed appropriate by JAARS Aviation

For full-time career staff, the following information is helpful:

Pilot Knowledge, Skills, and Attributes

Pilot-Mechanics Technical Evaluation

Timeline to Service

Training Advice

For volunteers:

JAARS Volunteer Pilot

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