Aviation Vision Trip Coordinator

Aviation Vision Trip CoordinatorDo you have a passion to see young people involved in spreading the Gospel? Do you enjoy travel and adventure, being right in the middle of the action?

Helping young people connect the dots between aviation and Bible translation is best done with a firsthand look. As the Aviation Vision Trip Coordinator you will be playing a vital role in recruiting the next generation of mission aviators.

Brief Description

 Plan, coordinate, and/or accompany students on missions aviation vision trips, both overseas and to the JAARS campus.

  • For a full time volunteer or a non-paid, career staff who raises support
  • Must be a US citizen or green card holder to apply


  • Coordinate aviation internship programs with colleges and universities
  • Coordinate and communicate with aviation field programs as vision trips and internships take place
  • Be available to escort groups of students, as well as conduct training and debrief sessions, on vision trips
  • Travel to aviation colleges, universities, and aviation events for recruiting purposes
  • Connect with and maintain communication with potential recruits
  • Demonstrate a deep and growing walk with the Lord Jesus that includes your personal growth and the ability to support others in their spiritual growth
  • Embrace the vision, mission, and core values of JAARS, and help us live them effectively


  • Good communication
  • Good organization and leadership
  • An interest in both young people and recruiting
  • Able to use computer software

Education and Experience

  • Associates Degree or higher
  • Cross-cultural and/or field experience
  • Be familiar with current international travel requirements
  • Recruiting, mobilizing, and marketing background desirable
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