Digital and Social Media Fellow

Direct Supervisor: VP of Engagement

The Digital and Social Media Fellow will work within the Communications department to support the full range of departments across Engagement (Communications, Partnership Ministries, and Church and Community Relations). He or she will help share the mission of JAARS, global/operational highlights, and specific opportunities for personal engagement with online audiences, JAARS visitors, existing and prospective donors, and other interested parties.

The Digital and Social Media Fellow responsibilities include:
  • Learning and sharing JAARS vision, mission and engagement opportunities across social/digital platforms
  • Collaborating with departments regarding JAARS social media presence and helping implement those strategies
  • Ensuring positive user experience for viewers across social/digital platforms
  • There is a possibility that these responsibilities will shift slightly to fit the experience and passions of the Fellow
  • Demonstrate understanding of best practices to build audiences, link and leverage content across platforms, and manage responses (as appropriate)
  • Ability to create engaging social media content
  • Excellent organization and communication skills (both oral and written)
  • Flexible and team-oriented
  • Strong work ethic
  • Proactive and takes initiative
  • Able to work independently
  • Willingness to learn and grow
  • Areas of study including: Marketing, Public Relations, Communications, Intercultural Studies, or Photojournalism

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