Aviation R & D Engineer

Aviation R & D Engineer showing design pod for PC-6.Do engineering, creativity, and aviation go together for you? Be a needed part of Aviation support to Bible translation and spreading the Gospel around the world.

Join our research and development team as they look for ways to improve safety and design parts to improve the utilization and efficiency of aircraft in missions aviation.

Brief Description

Research and develop safety and design improvements, parts manufacturing, and practical repair procedures for JAARS aircraft.

  • For a full-time volunteer or a staff person who raises support
  • Must be able to work in the US


  • Use computer design software
  • Develop safety features and make design utilization improvements to our mission aircraft
  • Follow our FAA Parts Manufacturing Approval structure
  • Collaborate with our machine shop to manufacture needed parts
  • Demonstrate a deep and growing walk with the Lord Jesus that includes your personal growth and the ability to support others in their spiritual growth
  • Embrace the vision, mission, and core values of JAARS, and help us live them effectively


  • Work collaboratively
  • Good computer skills
  • Creativity in design and manufacturing of aviation related products
  • Good understanding of 3-D printers and other computer-controlled machines

Education and Experience

  • Engineering Degree and/or related qualifying experience in engineering analysis, design, or aviation technology
  • Experience with CADD is preferable
  • Aerospace training is preferred, but good general engineering is appropriate
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