UPDATE on Missing Baggage

Posted on November 18, 2020

UPDATE 11/19/2020:

Praise God! 👏👏👏 The missing bags with the testing equipment arrived at the international airport and are now at the SIL Cameroon aviation hangar!

Praise God for his provision! Now pray for some super productive days for Tim and the hangar staff before Tim leaves on Monday night! Thank you for praying! 🙏🙏🙏


Your prayers for Tim Dyk’s lost bags and equipment are so appreciated! Thank you!

Here’s the latest update from Matt Rickert, aviation mechanic in Cameroon:

“Well, the bags did not arrive, but we were able to find out that they were found in Europe and scheduled to come on the next flight which is late tonight (Wednesday). So, tomorrow morning (Thursday) we will do what we did on Tuesday, which is leaving the house bright and early, zipping over to the international airport, getting the bags, zipping over to the hangar, and working like crazy!

Pray for bags to arrive, good rest tonight, and a super productive couple of days before he leaves! Thanks everyone for praying!”

Praise God that Tim's bags and testing equipment were located in Europe and are scheduled to arrive at the international airport in Yaounde tonight.
Praise God for the other projects that Tim has been able to help with while waiting for his baggage to arrive.
Pray for the aviation staff and Tim as they work together to get the certifications and inspections done in just a couple of days instead of the longer period of time that was planned.
Praise God for Tim's going to help JAARS and the SIL Cameroon aviation staff with with aircraft certifications and inspections. Tim is an avionics tech with MAF.
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