Thirty New Missionaries Preparing for Service

Posted on June 19, 2018

Thirty new missionaries and their families are at JAARS to prepare for overseas service. For the next four weeks, they’ll be participating in our Intercultural Communications Course (ICC) that begins on Thursday, June 21.  This course is an important part of new missionaries’ preparation for the field.

Participants will strengthen their relationship with the Lord, learn how to build and sustain healthy relationships, and more. As one former participant remarked, “This course prepared us for the possible unknowns that were ahead—transitions for our kids, how we would handle stress, etc. All these things that maybe we hadn’t thought about or dealt with yet were discussed in the class.”

Please pray that God will give each participant an open heart and mind to whatever he wants them to learn.
Ask God to keep participants and their families healthy and strong as they set aside this time for intensive training.
Pray for the organizers and trainers to be clear in their presentations, sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and able to keep the course on track.
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