SRV Event in Cameroon

Posted on April 8, 2019

A Spiritual Relational Vitality (SRV) team from Waxhaw is Cameroon this week.

Bryan Friesen, the director of Learning and Development at JAARS, and his coworkers lead SRV events around the world for Bible translation partners. “The purpose of SRV is to serve our partners in strengthening their spiritual and relational vitality in a cross-cultural setting,” Bryan explains.

Read how SRV events make a difference in the lives of participants here.



Lift up the team from Waxhaw facilitating the retreat in Cameroon; pray for meaningful interactions between them and those coming to the event.
Ask God to prepare the hearts and minds of the participants and for them to desire God above all else.
Pray for good health and safety for all who are traveling to the event in Yaounde, Cameroon and for their travel back home afterwards.
Pray for each of the participants to be spiritually refreshed and personally encouraged this week.
Ask the Lord to fill the participants with wisdom and joy and to strengthen them individually in ways that will also strengthen their teams.
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