Pray with JAARS, November 24-30

Posted on November 23, 2020

This week Pray with JAARS for:  the CrossVenture|Coastal team, wisdom for our Health Services staff, and more!  Thank you!

24 Mission aviation service in Papua New Guinea is vital for translation families traveling to remote locations. Thank the Lord for the pilots—trained by JAARS Aviation—who fly those families to their destination safely and efficiently.
25 The CrossVenture|Coastal team hopes to find an alternative boat for their maritime events next year. Ask for God’s help in their search.
26 On this day of thanksgiving, let’s count our many blessings and say to our merciful God: “Now,our God, we give you thanks, and praise your glorious name” (I Chronicles 29:13).
27 Pray for wisdom for our Health Services staff as they follow up with COVID-19 patients.
28 JAARS hosted a virtual International Association of Missionary Aviation conference for 220 attendees from 8 countries! The collaboration among many mission aviation groups benefits all.
29 Today we look forward with hope to the blessings of Christmas when Jesus, our loving Savior, first came to earth to bring us his Good News.
30 In Tanzania, JAARS partnered with IT staff at the SIL Mbeya translation office, two Czech technicians, and their church in the Czech Republic to rewire the translation office. Thank the Lord that now Mbeya language translators can work without hindrance.
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