Posted on November 2, 2021

“Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men.” John F. Kennedy

Pray with JAARS is a list of weekly prayer points and praises. We deeply appreciate your coming alongside us to pray for JAARS and our partners as we work to help make Bible translation possible. Thank you!



2 Our Bible translation partner in Togo and Benin needs of two vehicles, 20 motorcycles, and a canoe. Pray God will make it possible for JAARS to provide these solutions. 
3 Pray for wisdom as the SIL Africa ICT Services team organizes resources and researches affordable solutions for the internet and power needs of our partners in central Africa. 
4 Pray for work-site safety and God’s leading for the church mission team from Grace Community, Willow Street, PA, serving on our campus this week. 
5 Pray for wisdom as the SIL Cameroon Aviation team plans operations for the next six months. 
6 Pray for the provision of a specialized boat needed by translators working with the Bobangi language group of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 
7 Pray for wisdom for the staff planning the 2022 calendar  for our CrossVenture, Coastal Cross Venture, and Aviation camp programs. 
8 Pray for the mission team from Ludlow Baptist Church, Ludlow, VT, serving on our campus this week.