Posted on May 4, 2021

“To get nations back on their feet, we must first get down on our knees.”  —Billy Graham


Pray with JAARS is a list of weekly prayer points and praises. We deeply appreciate your coming alongside us to pray for JAARS and our partners as we work to help make Bible translation possible. Thank you!


4 Pray for Third Culture Kid Education Fellows Emily Roth and Danielle Townsend—for their service to be a time of great spiritual and professional growth.
5 Pray for the Iyansi Bible Translation team working in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Waxhaw, North Carolina, as they translate the Scriptures into Iyansi, checking and testing them, and partnering with the people in the rural homeland as well as diaspora.
6 Pray for the Holy Spirit to convey new NetSuite practices through training, so that—throughout our software transitions—JAARS staff might learn to effectively use the systems as designed.
7 Praise God for the return of Geoff Russell who is serving as our Recurrent Flight Training Coordinator in Aviation.
8 Pray for the Learning & Development Team as they seek direction on which outside opportunities to say “yes” to, and for the capacity to serve well in those partnerships.
9 This year, the SIL Africa ICT Services team, a close JAARS partner, has 25 projects involving information technology issues at regional centers across Africa for SIL and the Wycliffe Global Alliance. Pray for wisdom in organizing the resources and skills to do each project.
10 Pray for our Tuesday Center Meeting staffing and for wisdom as they choose presentations to inform, inspire, and challenge the weekly audience.
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