Pray with JAARS, July 12 -18

Posted on July 20, 2022



Pray with JAARS is a list of weekly prayer points and praises. We deeply appreciate your coming alongside us to pray for JAARS and our partners as we work to help make Bible translation possible. Thank you!









12 JAARS partners with Faith Comes by Hearing, providing technical equipment for their Oral Bible Translation projects. Ask God to use this translated Scripture to bless language groups worldwide.
13 Our Intercultural Communications Course begins today. Pray for safety and health for all and that participants will be free from outside stresses so they can focus on course content and learning.
14 Our Housing Office requests prayer for software program updates they need so that they can better serve those who need housing on the JAARS campus.
15 Pray that through projects supported by our Media Solutions, people in the Pacific Islands and elsewhere will have access to God’s Word in the form and language they understand best.
16 Updated equipment installed on our Kwadima II boat has enabled its crew and passengers to travel with greater safety as they serve the Lord in the Pacific! Praise God!
17 The mission team from Compassion Christian Church #2, Savannah, GA, are working on campus this week. Pray they will gain new insight about their part in supporting Bible translation.
18 Ask God to bless our machine shop staff with ingenuity and innovation as they work to solve challenging engineering problems encountered by our mission partners worldwide.