Posted on February 15, 2022
“Any concern too small to be turned into a prayer is too small to be made into a burden.”
― Corrie Ten Boom
Pray with JAARS is a list of weekly prayer points and praises. We deeply appreciate your coming alongside us to pray for JAARS and our partners as we work to help make Bible translation possible. Thank you!
15 Pray for wisdom and sensitivity as JAARS staff support and encourage missionary families on campus during their furloughs.
16 Pray for stamina for our Technology and Business Solutions team as they pursue improvements of our campus technology infrastructure.
17 The Intercultural Communications Course continues until February 23. Pray for good rest at night, energy during the day, and health for staff and participants.
18 Pray that God will work through the audio and visual forms of Scripture in South Asia to bring many people to him.
19 Pray for IT Trainer Francis Meyof and the nine IT interns from across the Congo region as they continue their training. Their first workshop was recently finished in Yaoundé, Cameroon.
20 As prayer warriors, immobile seniors can have a ministry with global impact. Encourage the senior saints you know to pray, using JAARS Prayerline and other JAARS resources!
21 Praise God for the teamwork and collaboration between Training, Repair Station, and Aviation Engagement as they prioritize resources to meet the needs of the busy spring Aviation schedule.