Pray with JAARS, February 11-17

Posted on February 10, 2020

This week Pray with JAARS for:  shipping solutions for our aviation partner, YAJASI, for the Inakeanon translation team in the Philippines, the Bible translation project that’s beginning in the Eastern Lawa language in Asia, and more!

Pray with JAARS is a weekly prayer bulletin, featuring items for daily intercession. Thanks so much for praying!






February 11 - Our goal at JAARS is to reach the remaining people groups on earth that have no Bible in a language and form they understand. Join with us to make it possible by praying, serving, or becoming a financial partner.
February 12 - The Inakeanon team (Philippines) is revising five New Testament books; ask God to guide the team who strive to produce a clear and accurate translation.
13 In addition to technical support, JAARS provides spiritual encouragement for our translation partners. Pray hearts in lonely places will be strengthened by this ministry.
February 14 - The Mangali New Testament translation is complete! Pray God will provide funding for typesetting and printing, and prepare hearts to receive his Word.
February 15 - A team is beginning the Eastern Lawa translation project in Thailand. Pray for protection, provision, and sensitivity to the Lord’s leading.
February 16 - Pray the Lord will provide funding so more Gamo pastors, evangelists, and youth leaders in Ethiopia can be trained to effectively teach God’s Word.
February 17 - Yajasi Aviation (a JAARS partner in Indonesia) has encountered problems shipping very expensive turbine engines for their planes. Pray for the JAARS Aviation R&D team as they design modifications to improve engine mounts for a shipping crate