Pray for the IT Connect Conference

Posted on March 11, 2020

The annual IT Connect Conference scheduled for March 14-17 in Kenya is canceled after a request to cancel all international conferences due to COVID-19 was issued by the Kenyan government.   IT Connect is annual conference for IT specialists providing information, training, and encouragement to those who support those doing Great Commission work.  Thirty-five participants from throughout were registered to attend.

Pray for the participants whose plans have been disrupted. A lot of preparation for the conference is potentially lost. 
Pray for the financial impact of the conference not being held: flight cancellations, the BTL-CICC Ruiru Conference Centre's loss of revenue
Pray for the leaders as they think through their options to recover from the loss of this opportunity to learn and collaborate.
Pray for the face-to-face meetings that now need to go to virtual and praise God for the technology that makes this possible.
2 people prayed for this.