Cessna 206 ready to load up for the flight to the NC mountains.

Aviation Mountain Training Starts This Week

Posted on June 18, 2018

For the next 10 days, our training aircraft, instructors, and orientees will be in the mountains of North Carolina for the mountain phase of pre-field orientation training. They left bright and early this morning, June 18.

Pray for safety as instructors and orientees operate in a more challenging environment.
Pray for the experiences that each of our orientees need to help prepare them for their overseas service.
Remember all the spouses and family of our training staff and orientees who are 'left behind' for these 10 days. Pray for protection and provision of their needs.
Praise God for the families in the Spruce Pine area who open their hangars, homes, and hayfields for our use as well as the local churches who support the staff during Mountain Week.
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