Unplugged and On Mission!

Unplug from the grid and plug into God’s heartbeat for the nations at our simulated village setting!

At CrossVenture|Village, there are no microwaves to cook your meals; no Internet to surf; no electricity to light the night. Participants cook on mud stoves and open fires, sleep on wooden floors in a primitive hut or in hammocks strung from the rafters, finish their evenings by lamplight, and participate in hands-on activities that demonstrate the need for and process of transforming lives through Bible translation.


We offer four programs of varying lengths at our village location.

Check out which ones might work best for you and your group!


On the edge about your part in God’s plan for the nations? At our six-night program, you can discover missions through experiential activities about culture and language that can be applied cross culturally or in your own community.
Participants practice teamwork as they learn the basics of Bible story crafting, experience other cultures, take flight with a missionary pilot, ride a 4WD vehicle on JAARS’ off-road course, practice water safety skills, overcome obstacles to missions, and walk our experiential Prayer Path– all while living at Belisi, our rustic village setting.

Edge is designed for ages 12 and over and accommodates groups of 12-30 in size.
Program cost: $300/group registration, plus $199/person for groups of 12 or more. 


Get ready to explore God’s heart for the nations and what he wants us to do about it! CrossVenture|Explore is a two-night program available on weekends or during the week for those looking to build and strengthen their hearts for doing cross-cultural missions. You will dig into the core truths of God’s mission and explore deeper commitments to that mission.

Explore is designed for ages 12 and over and accommodates groups of 12-30 in size. Explore weekends are available to families with children 8 years and older.
Program cost: $75/group registration, plus $69/person for groups of 12 or more


Equip yourself and  your team to serve more effectively on a short-term, cross cultural trip. During this two-three night program, you will learn how to adapt to a cross cultural setting by staying in our rustic village. Grow with the rest of your team by exploring the tough issues faced when travelling overseas. You’ll experience team activities that will help you to work cooperatively and with purpose, plus learn from the stories of experienced missionaries.

Equip is designed for ages 12 and over and accommodates groups of 12-30 in size. 
Program cost: $75/group registration, plus $69/person for groups of 12 or more


Kick-start your mission awareness and encounter the power of God’s heartbeat for the nations in our two to four hour program. Crossventure|Encounter takes place at our village site away from worldly distractions. You can make arrangements for us to prepare and serve an ethnic meal, or bring your own food to cook over an open fire. Listen to missionaries’ stories and explore God’s Word in the intimate setting of a campfire.

Encounter is currently appropriate for 12 years and older and accommodates groups of 12-50. Multigenerational groups may bring younger children as long as a parent is with them.
Program cost: $10/person

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