JAARS Day 2.1

By Rachel Greco

Bring your chairs and blankets! JAARS Day 2.1 is almost upon us.

The event on May 15 will look different from past events, due to COVID-19 restrictions and our desire to keep people as safe and comfortable as possible.

JAARS Center Waxhaw, North Carolina

Although the day will be shorter than past events, from 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m., JAARS staff has packed it with as much fun as possible. Guests will be able to drive through the campus, pausing at each stop to enter in QR codes and watch videos of what JAARS and our partners do, like landing and taking off in aircraft on remote airstrips around the world. Or, if guests wish to stretch their legs and enjoy the spring weather, they can walk around the center and watch the videos on their phones.

Upon entering the Center, guests will receive a list of items scattered around the campus so they can embark in a JAARS-style scavenger hunt. Each item—a turbine engine, a laptop, a globe, to name a few—represents a different facet of JAARS. Once they find all the items and check them off the list, guests can then drop their completed lists off at the designated location at the Pray tent for the chance to win a drawing. 

At the Pray, Give, and Serve tents by the museums, guests can learn how to get involved with Bible translation as well as explore exhibits in the Museum of the Alphabet, revamped during its recent renovations. Come and see the new mural of Africa painted in the style of various African fabrics and see what it takes to be a translator. 

Museum of the Alphabet

Guests will also still have the opportunity to ride in a helicopter for $28 per person or in an aircraft similar to the planes flown overseas on remote airstrips for $24 per person. 

Or … if guests would rather explore JAARS and how we serve Bible translation with their feet firmly fixed on the ground, we will also be offering four-wheel drive rides for $7 per person. These rides traverse the dirt, sometimes muddy, paths that twist through the forest behind our Center, reminiscent of the paths translators and other Scripture workers must traverse routinely in countries like Africa and Papua New Guinea. Come see firsthand why our training course is so imperative for people serving in these countries! 

To save time, you can download our liability waiver for rides here and bring the completed form with you. 

After the ride, guests can relax and recover with a burger from a local food truck or a hot dog from our café in the comfort of their own chairs while listening to live music.  

Then it’s off … to take a boat ride on Crystal Lake (which is anything but crystal-clear), and learn how JAARS enables Bible translation to occur in island nations like Papua New Guinea. In these island-dotted countries, boat travel is often risky and dangerous. JAARS limits the danger by providing water safety kits to mission workers and, in collaboration with a partner organization, supports transportation for translation workers aboard the Kwadima II.

Pat Oppel, who plans JAARS Day, is excited to see what God does on this day: “I have a plan [for JAARS Day], but what I love to see is God’s plan.” Come see how God might move in you or someone you know on May 15 as you experience his work in Bible translation in an up-close, personal way!

Go here for more information about JAARS Day