He Cleared the Skies

By Rachel Greco

It was supposed to be a washout—rain pouring so hard you could hardly see. And indeed, the weather showed storms surrounding JAARS previous to the June JAARS Day. Knowing this, Pat Oppel, the director of events, made plans.

But Pat still prayed for a bubble of sunshine over JAARS and asked others to do the same.

And God answered! According to the weather map, JAARS was right smack in the middle of all the storms. It looked like the Lord put his arms around us and told the storms, “You stay away from JAARS today.” And they did. God took what could have been a miserable day and caused it to shine for his glory.

Playing with the giant Jenga game

About 436 guests were welcomed on the center, 304 of whom came into the Museum of the Alphabet. Many people also played with the life-size Jenga that could reach to the ceiling if the guests were careful enough. On the lightweight blocks making up the game were all the various jobs available at JAARS. If one job or person is taken out, the tower wobbles. If several jobs are removed, the entire structure could come crashing down—and it did, throughout the day!

One of the families at JAARS Day grew up nearby, and the mother had visited JAARS when she was eight or nine years old. She tells people to this day, “I got into computer programming because of JAARS.” The computer programming projects she learned about at JAARS when she visited at that early age helped guide her onto her path today—teaching computers and programming to students.

Another family, while visiting family and friends on their daughter’s graduation trip, decided to stop by before heading back to Texas. Their oldest son would like to go into mission aviation. One staff member who knew the weather forecast for JAARS Day thought there was no way he would be able to take an airplane or helicopter ride. “It was so neat that God cleared the skies so he could take a helicopter and plane ride,” the staff member remarked. Pray with us that God continues to lead people like this young man to JAARS and Bible translation.

Taking a helicopter ride at JAARS Day

Our last JAARS Day of the year—October 12—blows closer every day. Besides the usual helicopter, airplane, and four-wheel-drive rides, as well as live music and food trucks, we will celebrate autumn by offering hayrides and s’mores around the fire in the RV Park. As you lick the sticky marshmallows from your fingers, listen closely as people share incredible true stories of how God is transforming lives through Bible translation. And you can be a part of the story! Come see how at JAARS Day.

So, whether God clears the skies or not, we hope to see you at JAARS on October 12! Learn more about the event here.