YAJASI flies to Papua’s most isolated communities—serving both Bible translation and local people. They currently fly four Pilatus PC-6s and a Pilatus PC-12. We helped YAJASI get off the ground back in 1993, and we’ve partnered with them ever since.

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In 2014, YAJASI’s airplanes accumulated 2,885 hours of flying, carrying 12,666 passengers and 944,633 kilograms of cargo. They flew 373,930 miles, or about 15 times around the world, with 4,318 successful takeoffs and landings.
YAJASI supports Bible translation projects in remote areas of Papua using four rugged, turbine-powered Pilatus PC-6s and a larger PC-12. A fifth PC-6 is needed to meet the expanding number of requests for their service.

Planes are the only safe...

Pipal celebration

The believers in Pipal, Indonesia, received a wonderful gift—and they just couldn’t resist taking an early peek!

Download the latest Rev. 7 and go to page 4.

Rev. 7 2014-8 pg 2

An airstrip, a plane, and a pilot serve a saint who spent his life serving the people of remote Indonesia. 

Download the latest Rev. 7 and go to page 2. 

YAJASI uses this airplane and three other rugged, turbine-powered Pilatus PC-6s and a larger PC-12 to reach people like the Ketengban. A fifth PC-6 is needed to meet the expanding number of requests for their service. Will you help provide the crucial fifth turbine-powered PC-6 for YAJASI’s fleet?

After months of repairs and paperwork, Pilatus PC-6 #4 finally made its first village flights in Indonesia on November 22. The purpose: taking a church-planting group to a village near the border with Papua New Guinea, as well as a quick stop in the village of Okbap. 

The plane was ferried from Nepal to its new home base in November 2012. (See photos.) Soon after its arrival, it was grounded due to unexpected engine damage. The engine was removed and sent to the United States for repair, and YAJASI modified the avionics panel in the meantime. Finally, the aircraft...

Crowd in an open-air hangar in Indonesia
Pilot speaking at the dedication
Man cutting a ribbon next to a PC-6
Local officials shake hands

Not one, but two PC-6s joined YAJASI's fleet this fall. Just days after PC-6 #4 arrived, so did another—this one to replace the plane they lost in a tragic accident last year.

A few weeks ago, YAJASI closed their busy hangar and celebrated. They thanked God for providing. They invited friends, colleagues, and local officials to join in. And they remembered why these planes are there: to help the country's most isolated people understand God's Word in their own language.